Thursday, November 17, 2011

My House Transformation...


My New Home May 2011

Oh if we only knew what work needed to be put into this house on Maple Avenue.  It has been a long haul but so much worth it.  I purchased the house in May of 2011 and as of November we are still working on it...making it my own. The house was a forclosure that a lady owned and walked away from.  The house was left in a mess.  There was a hole in the bathtub and the previous owners just continued to shower and let the water run under the tub and down into the basement.  The house sat empty for 3 years and the mold just spread...when HUD took over the house in that meantime...they removed all of the previous owner's junk (including a dead dog that the idiots left in the basement) and all of the carpeting.  When we looked at the house and worked in the basement...we had to wear masks....the walls were black and looked like it had been in a flood.  The house basically had to be gutted.  Rather than some bleach and water and slapping on some paint...we tore it down to the studs and built it back up the right way.  99.9% of the thanks must go to my Dad.  Without him doing the carpentry would still be a dump.  It's been a long road...a little more to go...but we are getting there.  I will post pics and more stories as time moves on...

Caution: The before pics are NOT pretty! But the end result is.

I will create a different post for each room in the house...So far (11/17/11) the Living Room, Kitchen & Codey's Room are the only ones really completed...

After we removed all of the overgrown bushes...I didn't get to do any major landscaping this year, but next year there will be some major work done on the exterior! Including painting, plants, bricks, etc. =) Dad made new posts that will be going up as well. =)

Codey and Dad working on the mailbox. =)

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