Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't Throw Out Your Coffee Creamer Bottles! Go Green!

Well I started recycling a few years ago...I absolutely cannot stand to throw things out.  Infact my New Years Resolution is to stop using papertowels.  I cringe whenever I use one because I know it is such a waste.  I don't like when restaurants give them to me (especially in large quantities) for two reasons...I don't like to throw them out and my kitchen would be piled up if I kept all of them.  My Dad saves ketchup packets, plastic forks etc which is great, but they do truly pile up in the kitchen.  Now if I go through McD's and order a Big Mac and I don't get any napkins at all, that is a bit much.  haha One is ok, 30 is unnecessary. 

So on with this project.  I went through my recycling bin last night trying to see what I could re-use and re-purpose.  I found my coffee creamer bottles.  So I thought what a perfect way to store sugar!!! Easy pour, keeps it fresh etc...not to mention looks great on the countertop.  I simply spray painted the lid and the base with Vaspar's Satin Black spray paint and to make the white splatters, I used RustOleum White Satin Spray paint...holding it close to the bottle and barely pressing down the will splatter. I try not to do too much of it because it does waste the air in the can and once the air is gone, it will leave paint in the can that you can't use.  I highly reccomend for splattering, use a cheap .98 cent can of spray paint from Walmart...not an expensive can.

...And voila! This is the end result!  I don't have any alphabet stickers, but this would look great with the word "Sugar" on it.  =)

There are endless possibilities with this...colors, add on stickers, ribbon...make different ones for holidays, etc. many of these are thrown out each year??  Go through your recycle bin, fridge or trash and see what you can re-purpose...please save the the Earth!! It's your home!

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