Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oh the kitchen...believe it or not it was one of the least moldy rooms.  We can't do a whole lot with it because sometime next year or the year after it has to be gutted and the entire outside wall and floor needs to be replaced.  Whoever poured the outside patio, made it slanted so when it rains...the water just settles up against the house.  Also there is a crawlspace under the kitchen that had to outside vent so it wasn't getting aired out...water would just lay under it.  My dad made a vent for it for the time being and we will be tearing everything out next year.  Floor, Walls, Cabinets, the whole 9 yards.  But until then...this is what I have done with it.  Including paint thanks to my mom :) The only thing that needs done is the crown molding on the ceilings.  As soon as I paint it, Dad will hang it up.  =)

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